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Amritsar district vision 2009Amritsar 1  January : A delegation of Amritsar Vikas Manch, under the leadership of Sr. Manmohan Singh President of the Manch, met Sr. Kahan Singh Pannu Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar in his office to great him on the New Year. The DC apprised the delegates about the various projects undertaken or concluded by the District Administration in the previous year also him vision for 2009. It was heartening to know from him that land for the Rs. 1250 crore world university to be set up by the centre had been finalized and 120 acves for the International Check Post at Wagah actually acquired, for which a sum of Rs. 130 crore will be spent in the New Year. The DC also told the Manch delegation about various projects under which Rs. 75.39 crore would be spent to update Guru Nanak Dev Hospital and assured them to take up other burning issues of the city like traffic & sanitation. Prof. Mohan Singh, Dr. Charanjit Singh Gumtala, Sh. Amrit Lal Mannan and Mr. Rajinder Sharma accompanied the delegation.


The following major tasks have been planned to be achieved in the district of Amritsar during the year 2009:-

1) World Class University shall be set up at Amritsar by Govt. of India.  Govt. of Punjab is to procure 750 acres of land for the project.  The total cost of the project is estimated to be Rs.1250 crore. The process of land acquisition and initial work of construction shall commence during the year 2009.

2) Setting up of Integrated Check Post at Attari-Wagha Border : 120 acres of land for ICP has been acquired during the year 2008 and an Integrated Check Post with cost out lay of Rs.130 Crore shall be set up during the year 2009 at Attari-Wagha Border.

3) Expansion of Amritsar International Airport – The expansion and renovation plan of Amritsar International Airport is under way and shall be completed before 31st March, 2009 at a capital out lay of Rs.142 crore. 44 acres of land required for the second run way on the Airport shall be handed over after acquisition to the Airport Authority of India.

4) Beautification of surroundings of Durgiana Temple after acquisition of necessary properties shall be undertaken during 2009 at a cost of Rs.29.00 crore. The main access of 16 feet to the temple shall be widened to about 60 feet.  The shopkeepers are proposed to be relocated by constructing a  commercial complex under the scheme.  The existing Police Post and Post Office shall be relocated.

5) Setting up of Heritage Village in Guru Nanak Dev University :- Govt. of India has already sanctioned a sum of Rs. 6.84 Crore for setting up of Heritage Village in GNDU Campus. Sh. Abhimanyu Dalal, a renowned Architect, has been appointed as Consultant for the project.  The setting up of the village shall start during the year 2009.

6) 4-laning from Dhilwan to Verka Chowk and from Verka Chowk to Attari-Wagha Border shall be completed during the year 2009.

7) 4-laning of road from Amritsar to Pathankot has been finalized and the actual work shall start in 2009 on a large scale.

8) Integrated Check Post at Attari Railway Station – Comprehensive Check Post at Attari Railway station spread in about 300 acres of land shall be set up.  The work on the Check Post shall commence in 2009.

9) Upgradation of Guru Nanak Dev Hospital in Amritsar with capital outlay of Rs.75.39 crore shall be achieved with the following facilities to be set up:-

a) Bebe Nanki Centre for Mother & Child Care.

b) Swami Vivekanand Drug Deaddiction Centre.

c) Services Block.

d) Guru Teg Bahadur Block for imaging & Diagnostic services with  Superspeciality.

e) Nursing College.

10) District Administrative Complex at a capital out lay of Rs. 35.00 crore shall be set up during 2009.

11) Kheti Vigyan Kendr of Punjab Agriculture University shall be set up in the district at a cost of Rs.25 crore.  The land for the purpose has already been acquired.

12) A Seed Farm spread over 1200 acre of land at village Ranian (Chogawan) shall be set up.  Similarly, another Seed Farm spread over 119 acre of land is being set up in village Sheron Bagha (Baba Bakala).

13) Completion of  expansion plan of Attari Railway Station – The work on the expansion of Attari Railway Station has already started and shall be completed during the year 2009 at the total out lay of Rs.19.50 crore.

14) Upgradation  and modernization of Amritsar Railway Station shall be taken on priority during 2009.

15) Setting up of Amrit Bagh in 30 acres of land in Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar shall be completed during 2009.

16) The multi storey parking lot in front of Municipal Corporation, Amritsar shall be completed and shall be opened for public during first quarter of 2009.

17) A beautiful open Plaza shall be set up in front of Golden Temple at a cost of Rs.7.00 crore by shifting Ghanta Ghar market to the newly constructed shopping complex in front of Shani Mandir.

18) Land-scapping and upgradation of Rambarh Garden including conservation of Summer Palace and Civil Defence building shall be completed during 2009 at a cost out lay of Rs.5.00 crore.

19) Rambagh Gate shall be conserved at a cost of Rs.1.00 crore.

20) Gobind Garh Fort shall be open to public after completing the conservation of its buildings at a cost of Rs.2.5 crore during first half of 2009.

21) Government College for Boys has been decided to be set up at Verka in Amritsar.  The 12-1/2 acre land has been identified and the construction work shall start in 2009.

22) The project of conservation and beautification of Jallianwala Bagh at the cost out lay of Rs. 5.00 crore with conservation of Historical walls and Well and the Visitors Facilitation Centre, Light and Sound  programme, shall be completed in the first quarter of 2009.

23) The conservation of Pul Kanjri and Attari Samadhan has been undertaken in 2008 and shall be finalised during 2009 at a total cost of Rs.2.25 crore.

24) Parking lot at Attari-Wagha Border – With a view to provide proper Parking place to the public visiting Attari Border, a 10 acre land has been acquired which shall be developed during the year 2009.

25) The Government of Punjab has decided to shift the Municipal Corporation, Amritsar office from the existing Town Hall building.  A new 2 acre plot shall be entified for the construction of new Municipal Corporation office in Ranjit Avenue and the construction work shall commence in 2009.

26) Conservation of Town Hall building to be achieved at a cost of Rs.5.00 crore during 2009.

27) The Railway Over Bridge at Baba Bakala on the Amritsar-Jalandhar Railway line shall be completed during 2009.  Similarly, the ROB at Jawala Floor Mill shall also be completed during 2009.

28) Elevated Road Project from Partap Avenue to Bhandari Bridge and to Golden Temple shall be completed during 2009.

29) Setting up of Information Technology Park – The Govt. of Punjab has been requested to set up IT Park at Amritsar.  The work on the land identification and other issues shall commence shortly.

30) Six more Adarsh Schools at a cost of Rs.2.5 crore each in an area of 10 acre each shall be set up in the district during 2009.

31) One Navodaya Vidyalaya ( Govt. of India Residential School) in an area of 18 acre shall be set up at village Bhilowal (Chogawan) entirely for the students belonging to Scheduled Caste category.

32) Complete computerization of land records shallbe achieved during the year 2009.  The basic land records such as Jamabandi, Girdawri, Rapat Rojnamcha can be obtained through Computers from the Fard Centres to be set up at Sub Tehsil level.

33) New building of Sub Tehsil and Fard Kendras at the cost of Rs.30.00 lac each to be set up at Attari, Lopoke, Majitha, Tarsikka, Ramdas and Ajnala.

34) Six gates in the walled city i.e. Lahori Gate, Gate Hakima,Hathi Gate, Hall Gate, Khazana Gate, Sultanwind Gate, to be upgraded at a cost of Rs.40.00 lac.

35) City Bus Service to be introduced in the city.

36) Amritsar-Ferozepur Rail Link is to be established. The Ministry of Railways has already completed the survey work. The construction work is likely to be started during the year

37)    Birth/Death Certificate, which is a major source of harassment to the public shall be computerized with an aim of providing the certificate within 24 hours.

38) A Dairy Training Centre shall be set up in 1-1/2 acre of land at a cost of Rs.2.00 crore in Amritsar city.  The land for the purpose has already been earmarked and funds have been allotted.

39) A Food Street with traditional food joints shall be set up in the city.

40) With a view to facilitate the public in approaching the public authorities; INFORMATION-CUM- HELP CENTRE shall be set up in the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Amritsar.

41) Village Kakkar in Block Chogawan shall be developed into a Model Village with concrete roads, solar lights and 100% underground sewerage facilities at a total cost of Rs.1.50 crore.

42) With a view to provide artificial limbs to needy handicapped persons, District Disability Rehabilitation Centre shall be set up in the District Red Cross Society, Amritsar.

43) District Red Cross Society shall launch a project of Health Care of Rural adolescent students. The rural girl students shall be medically checked up and with a view to improve the health standards of especially anemic girls, supplementary iron and other mineral/vitamin doze shall be administered.

44) A detailed master plan of Amritsar spread in the area covered by Amritsar Development Authority shall be prepared during the year.

45) With a view to mechanize the Paddy transplantation, 1000 new Automatic Paddy Transplantors shall be introduced in the district.

46) With a view to provide cost effective high-tech agriculture machinery to small farmers on rent, 100 Agro Service Centres shall be set up in the district.

47) Berms of all the rural link roads shall be widened and upgraded with a view to provide safe passage to the public.

48) 50 Satya Bharti Primary Schools with modern facilities shall be set up in rural areas.

49) One private degree college shall be opened at Ramdass.

50) Strengthening/expansion of Sakki Nallah in Ajnala/Chogawan area at a cost of Rs.125.00 crore shall be taken up.

51) A drive for plantation of 10 lac trees in the district shall be undertaken.

52) Sewerage system extension/up gradation  & treatment shall be taken up in the city of Amritsar at a cost of Rs.360 crore in collaboration with JBIC.


1) Acquisition of land for setting up of Integrated Check Post at Attari-Wagha Border spread over 120 acre has been completed.

2) Land spread in 10 acres at Attari for setting up of Parking lot has been acquired.

3) The work related to beautification and adding Visitors Facilities at Jallianwala Bagh at the cost of Rs. 5.00 crore started and major work completed.

4) Major portion of Multi Storey Parking in front of Town Hall completed during the year 2008.

5) Work of conservation of Ram Bagh Garden, Ram Bagh Gate, Attari Samadhan and Pul Kanjri started during the year 2008.

6) Plan for setting up of Heritage Village   at GNDU finalised.

7) Major portion of 4-laning  of Dhilwan-Verka and Verka-Attari Border road completed.

8) Multi storey market for shifting of the shops from Ghanta Ghar in front of Golden Temple completed during the year 2008.

9) One Adarsh School at Chogawan spread over 15 acre of land at the cost of Rs.2.5 crore has been set up.

10) Navodaya Vidyalaya at village Awan spread over 20 acres of land has been commissioned.  The school has already started functioning.

11) 25 Satya Bharti Elementary Schools set up for the rural areas at the cost of Rs.25.00 lac each.

12) Project for the strengthening of rural link roads started and more than 50% work completed during the year 2008.

13) Major portion of Elevated road from Partap Avenue to Bhandari Bridge completed during the year 2008.

14) Process for acquisition of 44 acres of land for Airport has been started during the year 2008.

15) The Order banning the early sowing of Paddy in the district was issued and strictly enforced during 2008.

16) Mechanisation of transplantation of Paddy successfully introduced in the district.

17) Galiara Beautification Project launched and sucessfully completed.  Now the Galiara around Golden Temple is the most beautiful spot in the city.

18) Virsa Vihar handed over to the Artists by forming their society and the work related to further improvement of Virsa Vihar at a cost of Rs.40.00 lac undertaken during the year 2008.

19) High-tech Dairy Farming give a filip in the district  by setting up 150 High-tech Dairy Farms during the year 2008.

20) Parkash Scheme for the employability skills started  with the following institutions:-

ITFT, Chandigarh

Dr. Reddy’s Lab.



Bharti Wallmart.

1471 nos. of students were trained in these institutions during the year 2008,  out of which ABOUT 700 students were employed by various companies during the year. In addition, C-Pyte also gave training to about 1300 students for employment in Armed forces.

21) NAREGA Scheme for employment to rural workers successfully implemented in the district. Government of Punjab has recommended the district of Amritsar for national award for successful implementation of the scheme.

22) Major work of land records computerization was done during the year 2008.  One Sub Tehsil at Majitha fully computerized during the year 2008.

23) New Suvidha Centre set up at Amritsar and the Sub Division office of Baba Bakala.

24) Bhangura Scheme for protection of unwanted newly born children inaugurated. During the year 8 newly born kids saved through Bhangura.

25) Computerization of Agriculture Procurement Operations successfully implemented in the district.  Amritsar is the only district to have successfully implemented the scheme.

26) 26 Agriculture Service Centres set up in the district for providing modern agriculture machinery on rent basis to the small farmers.

27) National Rural Health Scheme successfully implemented in the district with the view to provide quality health services to the masses.

28) Community Care Centre for HIV/AIDS patients was set up in the District Red Cross Society with the help from State Aids Control Society.

29) District Blood Transfusion Society set up with a view to improve the quality of services at the Blood Bank.  Blood Bank upgraded with the modern facilities.

30) Gobindgarh Fort was taken over.

31) Drug Deaddiction Control Committee formed.


1) Encroachment removal.

2) Traffic Management

3) Burning of Wheat/Paddy residues.

4) Pollution Control

5) Plastic Control

6) Control of Child labour

7) Control of Smoking

8) Setting up of Exhibition Centre.

9) Biometric Cards for Ration Card holders.

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